Friday, March 5, 2010

And I'm Back...

Not just back to this wee blog, but back to my little life. I wrote here how MLK weekend was going to be a last little hurrah for awhile. Oh so true. It's been a brutal month filled with exhausting days, nights and heaps of stress. I've been distant, a less than thrilling conversation partner and not exactly the most attentive girlfriend or friend. But I'm through the thick of it and am looking forward to getting back to normal and catching up on everything that's been going on outside of my little bubble for the last month.

I haven't been this excited for 5:00p.m. on a Friday in awhile. I'm spending tonight watching a DVR'd Jason Mraz concert with champagne cocktails and one of my best girls. Tomorrow's busy with shopping for and prepping appetizers for my dear friends Linds and Neil's engagement party, and Sunday's agenda includes Oscars and a possible visit from the boy's family. In between, there will be sleeping (lots of it), finishing the unpacking I've been procrastinating, putting my mixer to good use by finally baking something in my new kitchen, and reading news and a good book while sipping coffee. Ideal.

These are the kinds of things that help me feel myself, happy and well-rounded. How do you feel like you again?

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