Friday, March 19, 2010


Like a lot of those who grew up in the PacNW, I fell for Cannon Beach at an early age. We'd go for the day when I was younger. Cannon meant a day trip, picnic meals and kites. It meant saltwater taffy, sandy shoes and waffle cones.

Some but not all of that changed as I got older. Throughout college, I forced Cannon on new friends who were more familiar with beaches than coasts. At that point, the trips involved fewer pieces of taffy and more pints at Bill's Tavern. Cannon and I lost touch for awhile there but reunited in February '08 when the boy brought me to his family's cabin for the first time. I fell in love all over again. Funnily enough, that was also about the same time I realized I'd completely fallen for the boy. Coincidence? Yes, actually, but undoubtedly one of the many reasons I smile when I think about going to the cabin for the weekend.

Cannon means different things now than it did when I was little. It means I've worked hard and the getaway feels better deserved. It means a longer drive (it's four plus hours from Seattle) full of Splendid Table and Bill Simmons podcasts. It means getting in late, going to bed early and waking up rested.

It also means way better food and a special bottle of wine these days, as was the case last weekend. I was battling a cold and worried it wouldn't be the weekend I wanted. I was wrong. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for some actual sustenance after a week of broth, tea and juice.

So I indulged. And imbibed. Highlights included snacks like cantaloupe brought down from Sosio's at Pike Place Market. Some of the first of the season apparently, and it tasted like fresh, juicy candy. Amazing. Slices from Pizza a'fetta for lunch. Always.

Cheese, prosciutto and crackers started off the evening along with a close but disappointing (for me, at least) game of Scrabble. But not just any cheese. The hard was a basque and the soft was heaven in the form of quadrello di bufala. Dinner itself was an arugula salad of tomatoes, crispy shallots, chives and a vinaigrette with a main course of braised lamb, farro with beet greens, hedgehog mushrooms and rainbow carrots and a bottle of Six Vineyards Pinot Noir. Lovely.

I also took got my hands on a maple bar from Cannon Beach Bakery I mentioned craving and worked it off with a little beach hike followed by a healthy dose of reading and a whole lot of sleeping. Refreshed indeed.

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