Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I Love (and Hate) about Sundays

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. I spend half of them angry and pouting about my blessed weekend being over, cursing myself for all of the things I didn't and wont get done and dreading the sound of a Monday morning alarm clock. The other half are spent basking in the light and free feeling that comes with wide open mornings and having no plans other than to make myself happy. Doing only the things I want to do. Taking my time with at the grocery store, cooking real meals and going to bed ready to face the work week because I've had a healthy dose of me time.

Sundays as of late have been all about the latter. They've been the epitome of lazy with noon wake-up times immediately followed by greasy but delicious pizza, pajamas and movies like The Hangover watched from the comfort of the couch (necessary and appropriate after a previous night's Bayless inspired gathering).

This last Sunday was one part lazy with a splash of productivity and a heavy hand of indulgence. Waking up at 10:30a.m. for no other reason than to eat eggs with mojo and chives, bacon and homemade hash browns; curling up on the couch to finish The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (good read, by the way) and ending the night with Indian take-out and The Invention of Lying made-up the lazy portion. The splash of productivity included a quick drive into the office for a forgotten power cord (frustrating), scrubbing the kitchen after a Saturday baking extravaganza (more on that to come) and paying bills over a glass of Oyster Bay Sauvingon Blanc.

The indulgence was in between and really wasn't much of a splurge (unless you count the Indian food, which I probably should). It consisted of a cup of coffee, an itty-bitty doughnut and a newspaper. The thing is I'm not supposed to have coffee right now. Doctor's orders for the next three weeks. And I love coffee. Hot coffee with milk and sugar sipped slowly from a big mug that I can wrap my hands around is complete luxury to me. I felt like I needed something special, so I had it anyway. Shhh. I nibbled a perfect little cinnamon and sugar Mighty-O donut with it and lingered over both in the cafe at Elliot Bay Book Company while reading the paper. A hard copy, which I feel like I rarely feel in my hands anymore. I then moved upstairs and spent an hour wandering through the travel loft, the cooking section and selected a couple of fun new paperbacks (Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love and Ruth Reichl's Sapphires and Garlic--I'm behind, I know).

A simple, uneventful day that was pretty perfect for just that reason. What's your favorite way to waste a Sunday?

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