Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting Away

I'm headed to Cannon Beach for the weekend. The boy's family has a cabin there, and we've been going every few months since we got together a couple of years back. I've most recently been pushing for it after especially busy times because the place and town relaxes me like nothing else. Right now, I've got one of the worst colds I've had in years, and my hope is that the fresh, salty air and downtime will help kick it to the curb. Massive amounts of water, sleep, Airborne, tea, orange juice and Dayquil aren't working.

I'm going to be one grumpy girl if I can't taste some of my favorite Cannon Beach treats, like a maple bar from Cannon Beach Bakery, a slice of pepperoni from Pizza a'fetta and whatever beautifully braised piece of meat the boy whips up as part of the special meal that's become somewhat of a tradition for the second night we're there.

Fingers crossed. Have a happy weekend people.

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