Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. I'm taking a break from trying to be at least semi-productive before a special brunch at Tilth, followed by a little shopping and a homemade dinner later tonight.

I like Valentine's Day. Always have. Even the ones I've spent without a Valentine (go ahead, roll your eyes, but it's true). I don't like it for the cheesy cards, forced sentiments or the hope of a dozen roses appearing on my doorstep (I prefer lilies).

I like the shape of a heart drawn by hand, and I like the color scheme. I just can't get over this thing I have for the color pink and like the way it looks next to the bold hue of a red. And I like that I think a little longer about how to incorporate one (or both, if I'm feeling funky) into my outfit on Valentine's Day. I like that a good number of people take a second, think and attempt to be creative--whether it's with a great gift, language in a letter or simple, spoken words--in the name of appreciating another person.

And I like it for nostalgic reasons. I like that it reminds me of my mom, who I like to think genuinely enjoyed helping me and my siblings pick out the cartoon-themed cards that we gave our classes with handfuls of chalky Sweetheart candy. Reminds me of her and my dad giving us little boxes of Russell Stover's chocolates when we were little, which kept coming with care packages while I was in college and then with just because boxes post graduation.

OK, enough recollections. I'm off to press my petal cotton pencil pink skirt and ruffled white blouse for my first ever Valentine's brunch.

What are your reasons for loving, or hating, Valentine's Day?

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  1. I love seeing older couples (I mean 70+ years) coordinating red and pink outfits. I just hope I'm that cute when I'm that age.