Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wanted: Perfect Little Hand Mixer for Making Holiday Memories

It's five days before Christmas, and I just slipped into the spirit of the holiday season. I went to bed wishing it was Jan. 1 and woke up feeling festive and nostalgic. Feeling like my own little tree is in order so my itty-bitty apartment can hold the scent of pine. Feeling ready to conquer the holiday shopping crowds and excited to spend hours carefully wrapping gifts the way my parents use to.

But more than anything I want to make some sweet treats. I want my kitchen to turn into a time machine and transport me back to when I was little. I want it to take me to my grandma's house in late December--warm and cozy and full of smells like ginger and molasses with the sounds of Christmas music and oven timers in the background.

So I spent some of this morning looking for a recipe I could get excited about, surveying my cupboards for ingredients and making a shopping list. But then I pulled my hand mixer out of its box and cursed. What happened to the beaters that do the actual mixing? I opened every drawer and searched every shelf. Nowhere to be found. Guessing I lost them in one of my last two moves. Sigh.

And then I think, oh well, really that mixer wasn't very good anyways. But I start remembering all of the other recipes I've read and tagged recently that require one. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes--basically anything I want to bake. So now I've justified buying a new one. A few I'm considering:

KitchenAid 7-Speed Hand Mixer--Because it matches my blender, which still works well and looks like new despite multiple moves and some tough love.

Cuisinart 5-Speed Hand Mixer--Because it's a tad cheaper and I like the chrome.
Michael Graves Design Hand Mixer (White)--Because it's less expensive than the other two, and it seems I could put that little container that holds the beaters to good use.

And yes, I am well-aware I could just buy replacement beaters for my current mixer. But again, it really doesn't work that well. And I've worked hard enough this year that I can make the case for buying myself a little something that will probably end up yielding things for other people anyway. I'm planning to pick one up while I finish my holiday shopping over the next couple of days. Other suggestions?


  1. i have the chrome cuisinart one and I am quite fond of it. That said, if you're gonna get a new one, I say spend the extra dough on the one you really want and consider it an investment. Your dough will stretch much further ; )

  2. I've got the KitchenAid (in dark green)and I love it. Comes highly recommended from this wannabe. And I second that emotion. There’s nothing like baking to get me in the spirit of things.