Monday, December 7, 2009

Ethan Stowell Picks Up a Pen

I had a series of painfully long days last week. Days where I could barely find time to get up from my desk to grab a glass of water let alone peruse my RSS feeds and regular fun reads. As a result I'm just now reading last week's news about Ethan Stowell's forthcoming cookbook.

I'm psyched about this. I wrote here about how I was surprised that none of this local restaurateur's places made Seattle Magazine's big list this fall. And while my last two trips to How to Cook a Wolf have admittedly not been my favorites, I still love a seat at that bar and could call a plate of his crudo dinner (or lunch, brunch or breakfast) every night for a week.

I like that he can make three or four ingredients taste like a full on feast, and I love that it sounds like that's where this book is headed. It's due out in Fall 2010, and Seattle Mag's Alicia Arter has more here.

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