Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cheers to Ebey's Landing and Life in the Pacific Northwest

A couple of weeks back, I briefly mentioned a Friday hike that ends my boyfriend's family's annual Thanksgiving festivities. Well I recently got my hands on a few photos that were snapped that day and realized I didn't give that hike due space here. I glossed over it, neglecting to mention the details that made it one of the better days I've spent in the Seattle area since moving here a few years back.

I didn't mention how ridiculously excited I got about the morning ferry ride to Whidbey Island (lame, I know, but it was only my second ever). Or how the random cup of drip coffee I got during the 20 minute ride was hot, strong and tasted surprisingly perfect...despite the fact that it had probably sat there for an hour before I pumped it into a Styrofoam cup. I forgot to explain how psyched we were to finally find Ebey's Landing (our destination) after driving in the wrong direction for a good 15 minutes before we realized we passed it (kind of a reoccurring trend, I'm afraid).

I also neglected to write about how the first part of the "hike" was really more of a leisurely walk along the beach, or how the day was stunningly clear, oddly warm and yet still cool enough to make the jaunt refreshing. And I most definitely failed to describe the view--how the scene from the top of the ridge we eventually reached when we finally moved from walking to hiking was incredible. The water was layered shades of blue. The sky the same, with mountains framing it in the background.

And I also didn't mention how we stopped halfway through for an impromptu picnic. How a table made of washed-up logs formed in a matter of minutes, or how 15 of us gathered around it eating crackers, cheese, dried fruit and nuts--incredibly simple but delicious snacks that paired with the scenery and the shoreline perfectly. I also failed to mention the bottle of Moet that was cracked open while we sat.

Now I love Champagne (and am equally affectionate about its Italian cousin Prosecco). The bubbles. The sweet taste. I don't need a special occasion to order it. I like it in the morning when it's cut with juice and served as a Mimosa, will take it in place of a cocktail before dinner and love sipping it slowly with a dessert. I like how it makes any moment feel special. How it elicits a toast. I especially liked this sip. It wasn't just that it was a nice bottle. I liked that its qualities matched the day--cold, crisp, sparkling and fun. We of course toasted, and I again felt extremely fortunate--for the weather, the people, the day, the view of some of the Pacific Northwest's finest and overall to live where I do.


  1. How fun to read about the island where I've lived since 1975 ... as a travel journalist, people often ask me what my favorite spots in the world are. One of the top ones is Ebey's Prairie, about 30 minutes from my home in Langley. It's truly spectacular. Thanks for sharing!

    Sue Frause
    Freelance Writer / Photographer

  2. Thanks for reading/sharing, Sue! I actually also failed to mention we went through Langley on our way back from the hike and stopped for another bite at a little upstairs restaurant on what I think was the main street (think it was called Prima bistro). Adorable town!