Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Practice Round

I occasionally play guinea pig for my boyfriend. The guy is a seriously good cook. Like really, really good. He loves it (so I swear it's fun for both of us) and gets a kick out of making special snacks, hors d'oeuvres and multi-course meals for people. He'll be at it again tomorrow night, indulging a house full of lucky people at a New Years Eve fete his sister and brother-in-law are throwing.

I rounded out the holiday weekend sitting back with a glass of white while he perfected techniques and marinades for a couple of the items making an appearance on the menu--sushi rolls and pork skewers. (I offered to help as I always do, but he wouldn't have it.)

He did the sushi for the same party last year, and it was apparently a hit. He's made it once or twice since, but he wants those little spicy tuna rolls tight and perfect. And the marinade for the pork is a new addition to his meat-on-a stick repertoire. So he practices. And so I benefit...

Spicy tuna rolls with touches of panko breadcrumbs for texture and julienned carrots/cucumber.

Spicy Sambal pork skewers and crab cakes (not on the menu, but made an appearance on Sunday just for fun.)

Hamachi nigiri, also not on the menu, but good, and I kinda like the shadow the fish casts on the plate.

I'll try to snap some shots of the full spread tomorrow night. Happy New Year people!

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