Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seattle Met's Top 10

Seattle Metropolitan's October issues includes its Best Restaurants feature. I liked Kathryn Robinson's intro, detailing how hard it was to pick the top 10 and how lucky we are to have so much to choose from in Seattle. And how they culled the list based on service, soul, beauty in plates and places and using and transforming raw ingredients into something that tastes really, really good. Here's their top ten (in no specific order):

I've only been to six of the 10, so I can't really say which should come first, but I could make a pretty good case for Crush and Rover's. I'm guessing Canlis would be the other strong contender. I need to invent an occasion to go; it's still on the lengthy need-to-try list along with Boat Street, Cafe Juanita, Spring Hill and a whole bunch of others.

The best part of the spread for me though is the "30 Seattle Restaurant Experiences You Must Have Before You Die" piece. It explains what makes everything from dinner at the Corson Building (also on the list) to a burger and fries in the parking lot of Dick's worth it. Love it.

Notably absent from the whole thing? Ethan Stowell. He's got four places, and I'm surprised at least one didn't get some kind of mention, even if not in the top ten. He's able to make a few simple ingredients taste big, and I'm a huge fan of the How to Cook a Wolf space. It's cozy and warm and feels special.

What other local places should have gotten a nod?


  1. Just stopping by to say hi! This blog is lookin' pretty good. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey, thanks so much for stopping by, Mike. It's obviously a work in progress and if you've got suggestions or feedback I would totally welcome them with open arms. And for the chat at Mission the other night!

  3. I have to say I'm a little dismayed to see Poppy on here. Gotta be becuz of Traunfeld's name but its just avg. Also I'd love to see one of these polls that the La Cartas and Buddha Ruskas of the world. But I guess that's for another poll and I'm just hypercritical today. :)

  4. Agreed, Z. My trip to Poppy was fine but just that--fine. Wasn't as impressed as I wanted or expected to be. I bet it's his name but maybe also that it's kind of a different. Nothing else really using that concept here.

    Thanks for weighing in.