Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Seattle Times' Nancy Leson's post from this morning caught my eye. Quickly sifting through some RSS feeds after a long day, I paused and took my time with this one. The headline pulled me in, and I got fully caught up in a short but moving story about how she kind of blew off a friend of hers who stopped by with a restaurant tip and story of his own about cooking his friend's last meal. (A friend of a friend of Leson's, to break it down more succintly.)

And then I got completely immersed in the New York Times' piece on Thomas Keller (of the infamous French Laundry as well as Per Se and more) she referenced. It paints a picture of how Keller reconnected with his dad after decades apart and ended up cooking him his final, favorite meal just a few years later. I read this bit, referring to Keller's forthcoming "Ad Hoc at Home" cookbook, a few times: "He reminds readers that life is better when you eat together with family and friends."

And then I took it all as my healthy dose of perspective for the day. Both are worth a read when you can make the time.

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