Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sibling Adventures in Beantown—Part One: Dueling Brothers

I spent last weekend in Boston visiting my darling little sister and her husband. As an added bonus, my little brother flew in from El Paso, and we used the four plus days to celebrate their birthday (they’re twins) and have a mini family reunion of sorts.

It was my first time in Boston. I loved it. Traipsing down the cobblestone streets in the North End, window shopping the walk-ups on Newbury Street, listening to my little sister explain what she likes about her city as we meandered through the public gardens, walking around Cambridge… I adored every second and sight. And it’s a good thing that all happened on foot, because to say we indulged at meal time would be an understatement.

I almost don’t know where to start. I think our most special night was the one we spent actually celebrating the twins’ birthday in the South End at a spot called Sibling Rivalry. My sister mentioned the place and the concept behind it to me when she first moved to Boston a few years back. The chefs are brothers David and Bob Kinkead, and they each have their own menu, one a tad more classical and the other a bit more modern. The menus are presented side by side, and you can either order from one exclusively or mix and match. A la carte or pre-fixe. Cool idea, and it was a fun choice for a group of siblings who see each other but once a year.

We jumped from brother to brother because I couldn’t limit myself to one side of the menu. It all looked too good. My boyfriend and I shared four plates, starting with pork and shrimp wontons in a creamy soy sauce. Then came the most perfect Romaine salad. I know Romaine salad sounds boring. And this one was really simple. But not standard. The dressing was like a light but velvety ranch. Buttermilk. I could taste it. And it was served with half an avocado that was deliciously ripe and perfectly sliced. Sliced red onion for texture and a splash of acidity, and I was practically licking my fork. Embarrassing for my siblings and boyfriend, I’m sure.

We also shared tuna tartare before our entrĂ©e. Hands down one of the best things I ate all weekend. It was served on a bed of sushi rice with an odd little surprise on the side—ruffled potato chips. Oh. My. God. Mixing the soft, sweet tuna and rice with the crunch and salt from the chip was amazing. I half jokingly asked my boyfriend if we could order another plate of it and secretly wished he took me seriously. Instead we got ready for the short ribs, served over a potato puree with horseradish. And then the butterscotch pudding on a gingerbread cookie. And then…I couldn’t move. I was a happy girl, not only because I really liked the food, but because my little sister, her husband, and my brother seemed equally happy if not downright giddy. They’d tried a new place, tasted some different things and were laughing, conversing like adults and smiling the whole time. I’m so proud of them, and they’re so grown up it’s silly.

More Boston love to come.

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  1. Darling sister, this trip was so wonderful. Thank you for making so many amazing memories with us!

    I look forward to following your culinary adventures here!