Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Last Little Hurrah

A weekend in San Francisco found it's way under the Christmas tree this year and with it a special dinner at Chez Panisse, which I'm near giddy about trying.

I've been pushing Alice Waters' books as gifts for the last couple of years and am psyched to finally taste something from one of her menus of local organic market fare. The trip was booked kind of last minute (headed down there next week), so the hostess pretty much scoffed at the attempt to get a Saturday night reservation in the downstairs restaurant with the set menu. So upstairs in the cafe it is. Part of me wishes I had my act together and had called far enough in advance to do the whole prix-fixe thing, but another part is thinking I might try more things this way. And the cafe apparently has an open kitchen spanning one side of it, which I'm pretty sure my dining companion is going to dig.

Aside from that and visiting some of the boyfriend's family, the only other thing on the agenda is to explore, eat and have a little fun. Life's about to get hectic and stay that way for a good two months, so this will be a little last hurrah of sorts. For awhile at least. I've got a couple of ideas for some other must-try spots, but could use a few more. Suggestions?


  1. Drinks at Top of the Mark is always a good bet - very San Francisco. And the Farmer's Market near the Ferry Building on Satuday morning. And if you are looking for a tourist stop the cable car museum is one of my faves.

  2. It's much more modest than the places you usually write about, but we really enjoyed Nick's crispy tacos when we were in SF last March. If you're looking for something quick and budget-friendly (and you like tacos), I would highly recommend it.