Friday, November 20, 2009

Columbia Crest Nabs Top Spot in Wine Spectator Rankings

Big news in the local wine world today. Or at least it seems as much given pretty much all of my local RSS feeds are abuzz with word that Wine Spectator magazine deemed Columbia Crest's 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon the "No. 1 Wine in the World" in its latest Top 100 list.

The list has been an annual thing since 1988, and this is the first time a Washington winery has taken the top spot. It's based on quality (score), value (release price), availability and "excitement." They apparently paid more attention to value than previous years given the current economic situation and chose the local bottle out of 17,000 releases the editors tasted in '09. More info here and here.

It seemed a decent deal for the top pick, so I was going to take a lunch break (a rarity for me) to grab a couple of bottles--one to make a low key night later this weekend feel a tad more special and one for a holiday gift. Silly me--it's sold out, of course. Columbia Crest made 5,000 cases, and they obviously went quickly.

Nonetheless, I think it's sweet to see a Washington winery featured prominently.

Anyone tried it?


  1. Haven't tried it....even CSM winelisters can't get it. Gotta say I'm proud of the Washingtonians with 5 wines in the top 50 and 7 in the top 100.

  2. also....rock out Pictures and Pancakes blog if you get a chance. NYers with some great and frequent content.